“I am an artist,”

I am an artist… When I was young I wanted to be a world explorer and an artist, then an architect/artist, then a photographer/artist for National Geographic, then a photographer/artist for Jacques Cousteau and then I graduated from high school and had to get a full time job. I practiced my love of art while working both full and part time and going to college to be “an artist”.

In College I studied the typical fine art subjects, painting, drawing and printmaking but included others such as graphic design, fashion illustration, and jewelry making and by the time I finally graduated I had gotten married and had a new baby daughter. I also had decided that I actually wanted to be an artist/illustrator. This was the mid 1980’s and there was this new medium for producing art called a computer. Eureka! That was what I wanted to do, and for the last almost 30 years I have combined my love of painting, drawing and photography with the new and ever changing artistic tools available with the personal computer.

I love doing what I do working as a freelance and contract artist.  I get to work with big and small commercial clients, as well as individuals who may just simply need a treasured family photo repaired.  I get to work on project that include 3D, animation, video, illustration, photography and the web. I even get a chance every now and then to work on producing personal works to sell to the public. I hope you find something you like or at least enjoy the visit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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